The Ultimate Chocolate Gifting Guide

The Ultimate Chocolate Gifting Guide

Chocolate has been given as a gift, particularly of affection and passion for ages. 

The tradition of chocolate gifting goes back to ancient times when the Aztecs offered cups of a chocolate drink called Xocolatl – a mix of water, spices, and ground cacao beans – to their warriors, royalty, and explorers.  

The Aztecs favoured the cacao beans above gold and believed that the beans were a gift from their gods and that all the members of their society should partake in this gift. 

Later, in 1868, the first chocolate box was introduced by Richard Cadbury. This started the modern-day chocolate gifting revolution, and boxed chocolates have been given as gifts ever since.

In 1900, Queen Victoria gave Christmas/New Year's gift of chocolates to the British soldiers fighting the Boer War in South Africa. Many countries quickly adopted this trend. 

In India, a decade or so ago, food gifting was largely restricted to traditional mithai or sweets. But now, the population's growing penchant for indulgence has slowly transformed the gifting space in India. Today, chocolate has become a go-to gift for different occasions because of its consistent quality, luxurious appeal, heavenly taste and attractive packaging. 

Why Chocolates Make the Best Gift for Any Occasion

Chocolate gifting in India is fast becoming a tradition – it not only is replacing other gifting ideas but is also becoming a complementing addition of other gifts. 

Here's why:

1. It's Delectable

This is probably the main reason why chocolates make for an excellent gift. There's nothing quite like the rich, creamy, flavourful goodness of chocolate. 

2. Affordable Luxury

There are not many luxuries in life as affordable as chocolates. Chocolate is an unrivalled luxurious indulgence that's affordable.  

3. Shows Your Love

Chocolate is traditionally linked with luxury, romance, and decadence. It's a perfect gift to express your feelings to some you love.

4. Makes People Smile

Chocolate brings happiness. It is the most well-received gift and undoubtedly makes the receiver genuinely smile.

5. Beautiful Festive Packaging

Chocolate boxes and gifts are beautiful and thoughtfully packaged and make for the most convenient gift packages. 

6. Pairs Well With Other Gift Items

Chocolates pair exceedingly well with other gift items like flowers, artefacts, or even big-ticket items like jewellery. 

Classification and Categorisation of Chocolates

Types of Chocolates


White Chocolate

It is a combination of cocoa butter, sugar, vanilla, milk, and lecithin. It contains 20% cocoa butter, 14% milk, and less than 55% sugar. It has a rich, soft, and creamy texture. 

Milk Chocolate

It is made by combining chocolate liquor (cocoa butter and cocoa solids) with milk and sugar. Milk chocolates usually contain 12% to 15% of milk solids and 10% to 20 % of cocoa and cocoa butter. It is brown, creamy, and sweet. 

Dark Chocolate

It is typically made from two ingredients — sugar and chocolate liquor. It contains about 10% to 12% of milk solids. It has a firm texture and a notable deep brown colour.

Semi-Sweet Chocolate

These chocolates contain about 40% to 60% of cocoa solids.

Bittersweet Chocolate

These chocolates contain around 70% cacao and 30% sugar. Higher the cocoa content and lesser the sugar content give this Chocolate a rich, strong, and bitter flavour. 

Ruby Chocolate

It is a recent addition. It is made from 47.5% cacao content and 26.3% milk. Ruby has flavours of fresh sour notes and intense fruitiness. 


Some Chocolate Varieties

Chocolate Varieties


Nutty Chocolates

Macadamia, Chocolate Bar Almond, Truffles

Flavoured Chocolates

Strawberry Cream Wafers, Caramel filled Squares, Berry Cube

Chocolate Wafers

Strawberry Cream, Hazel  Cream

Unique Chocolates

Popcorn, Potato Chips, Potechi Crunch Chocolate, Prafeuille


Perfect Chocolate Gifts as per the Occasion

  • Rakhi - Chocolate Hamper
  • Diwali - Chocolate Hamper
  • Christmas – Chocolate boxes
  • Valentine's Day – Nama Chocolate, Prafeuille Berry Cube
  • Baby shower – Pure Chocolate, Chocolate Wafers
  • Marriage Anniversary - Nama Chocolate, Nutty and Berry Chocolate, Father's & Mother's Day- Chocolate Boxes
  • Wedding gifts – Nama Chocolates, Nutty and Berry Chocolate, Aroma Chocolate 
  • Birthday gifts – Potato chip Chocolate, Nama Chocolate, Popcorn Chocolate Corporate Gifts  – Nama Chocolate, Pure Chocolates: Caramel Chocolate, Colombia bitter, Colombia milk 
  • Kitty Party Gifts – Origin Chocolate, Pure Chocolates: Caramel Chocolate, Colombia bitter, Colombian milk, 
  • House warming – Origin Chocolate, Pure Chocolates: Caramel Chocolate, Colombia  bitter, Colombia milk
  • Personalised Gifting - Baton Cookies, Nutty and Berry Chocolate, Potato chip Chocolate and Popcorn Chocolate, Aroma Chocolate 
  • Eid – Nama Chocolate
  • Other religious occasions - Pure Chocolates, Aroma Chocolate, Amande Chocolat
  • Achievements (Promotion/results/awards etc.) - Chocolate Bars, Pure Chocolates - Caramel Chocolate, Colombia bitter, Colombia milk, Nama Chocolate
  • Farewell - Chocolate Bars, Pure Chocolates, Nama Chocolate

Ways to Enjoy Chocolate and Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate is quite a wonder. It's versatile and can be enjoyed in a number of ways. Whether savoury or sweet, chocolate satisfies us on a deep level. So giving chocolate, either to yourself or to others, really is a beautiful thing to do!

From cocktails to cakes and everything in between, there's a little something for everyone. 

Just Eat It

There's nothing more satisfying than reaching for that rich, delicious, sugary goodness that is chocolate.  

Chocolate as a Baking Ingredient

What's better than chocolate? More chocolate, of course! Chocolate can be used in the family's favourite baked goods, such as cookies, cupcakes, brownies, cakes, pies, and puddings. Watch your family and friends' faces light up as they eat these baked chocolate treats. 

Chocolate as a Culinary Ingredient

If you think that chocolate is only a dessert to be had after dinner—think again! You can make delicious savoury main courses, stews, sides, and snacks—even salads—that call for chocolate.

Chocolate at Parties 

When you are entertaining family and friends, chocolate takes on a versatile role. It can be paired with luxury goods like decadent fruits, wine, and cheese. You can make amazing party snacks by infusing this gourmet ingredient in a variety of savoury food items like bacon, chilli, truffle, and Gouda cheese. You can also use chocolate to make interesting additions to cocktails for a delicious, dessert-like drink. Chocolate can be used as a dip too. 

Chocolate as a Travel Snack 

Chocolates are great uplifting treats when travelling. It's a superfood that's handy to grab, comforting and flavourful.  

Chocolate Gifting Ideas

Gift Box/Basket

You can make a delightful chocolate gift basket/box to gift your loved one. ROYCE' Chocolate comes in a variety of flavours. You can select your favourites from our world-famous chocolates to build your own chocolate gift box. Chocolates you can choose to make a chocolate gift box are:

  • Chocolate Covered Nuts, such as Macadamia Chocolate and Amande Chocolat
  • Chocolate Wafers such as Strawberry Cream and Tiramisu  
  • Flavoured Chocolate such as Prafeuille and Coffee Chocolate
  • Chocolate cookies such as Baton cookies

If you are not much of a DIY person, ROYCE' has a festive range of chocolate gift boxes packed with assorted chocolates, ideal for every occasion. Check the festive collection here

Gift Hampers

You can create a gift hamper that contains a variety of goodies – food and non-food items. 

Wondering what to put in a gift hamper?

  • For women: Range of skin products, jewellery, gadgets, perfumes
  • For men: Shaving kit, cologne, ties, laptop bags 

Chocolate Pairing

Some of the best chocolate pairings you can gift to someone are: 

  • Chocolate and Cheese: Fresh Chevre and Caramel Milk Chocolate; Brie and Columbian Bitter  
  • Chocolate and Fruits: Strawberries and Pure Chocolate Extra Bitter  
  • Chocolate and Tea: Green Tea and Macadamia Chocolate 
  • Chocolate and Wine: Sparkling Red wine and Milk Chocolate Truffle, Cabernet Sauvignon and Dark Chocolate, Champagne and White Chocolate

ROYCE' Chocolate - Perfect for Gifting

ROYCE' Chocolate is the world's finest chocolate, founded in 1983 in Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido, Japan. Amidst the cool climate and rich natural resources, ROYCE' has been making precisely crafted, exquisite, world-class confections that people around the world have come to love. Over the years, ROYCE' has earned a world-class reputation that continues to grow. 

Driven by innovation and uncompromised quality and consistency, ROYCE' accentuates the Japanese culture that focuses on precision and eye for detail. 

Uncompromised Quality 

ROYCE' Chocolate is known worldwide for its premium quality and consistent taste at all times. Making such fine chocolate is an art that requires dedication for uncompromised quality. ROYCE' is a master of this art.  

Sense of Drama

A blend of beautiful wrapping and chocolate create a sense of drama and heightens anticipation. ROYCE' Chocolate, with its beautiful presentation, makes the act of giving, the fun and excitement of unwrapping and discovering it, a rewarding experience for the giver as well as the receiver.

Mesmerising Unique Chocolate Experiences 

ROYCE' takes delight in engaging your senses with the uniqueness of product ingredients, creative recipes and flavour combinations for decadent chocolate experiences passionately crafted with world's finest ingredients.  

Authentic Charm and Luxury 

Your choice of chocolates says a lot about you and the recipient of your chocolate gift. When you are gifting ROYCE' Chocolate to your loved ones, you are giving a chocolate gift that's so luxurious and authentic that it's worthy of indulgence.

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