5 Luxurious Chocolate Gift Hampers for Father's Day 2022

Fathers - the unsung heroes of our lives. Though they do not wear a cape or look like conventional superheroes, our fathers do much more for us than we often realise. Sometimes saying “I love you” to your mother may seem easier than saying “I miss you” to your father. Though it is a less expressive or communicative relationship at times, the love and bond are just as strong. 

Occasions like Father’s Day provide us with a chance to express our gratitude and affection towards the first man in our lives. To show your love and appreciation to your dad, why not put in effort and thought in finding the perfect father's day gift.

Selecting a gift hamper for Father’s Day can be difficult, especially when you are unable to decipher his latest likes or dislikes or when you think he already has everything he wants. Whenever in doubt, opt for a “dad favourite” – a selection of hand-picked luxurious chocolates or an indulgent chocolate gift hamper.

Mentioned below is a curated list of luxurious chocolate boxes that make great Father’s Day gift hampers

Father’s Day gift hampers for 2022 

Still in a dilemma as to how to select the right box of luxurious chocolates? Choose from a selection of Royce’ Chocolates - made in Japan with select ingredients and packaged in elegant gift boxes.

1. All-rounder Dad Gift Box

This box contains a collection of 30 pieces of individually wrapped luxurious chocolates. Indulge in some of Royce’s best-sellers like “Coffee Chocolate, Chocolate Wafers, Pure Chocolate, Prafeuille Chocolate and Nutty Bar Chocolate”, packed together in the vibrant “Coral Celebration Box” for that extra oomph factor.  

Price- ₹2,595 INR  

2. Daddy-o-Nama Gift Box

Looking for something indulgent to give your dad this Father’s Day? The “Daddy-o-Nama Gift Box" contains the melt-in-the-mouth Nama Chocolate, packaged in the signature “Red Gift Box”.  The soft velvety texture and deeply intense taste of this cacao-rich chocolate will definitely melt your father’s heart as well! The best part - you can customise this gift box and pick your dad’s favourite Nama variant.   

Price- ₹1,770 INR 

3. Travel Junky Dad's Bag

The name is enough to describe that this box is specially designed for travel enthusiast dads. Consisting of chocolates made from the rich cacao beans of six different countries, to take your dad’s taste buds on an indulgent journey. This collection of chocolates makes for one of the best father's day gift hampers. The “Travel Junky Dad's Bag” contains “Origin Chocolate, Macadamia Chocolate, Blueberry Chocolate and Potatochip Chocolate” packaged in the signature “Sakura Gift Bag”.   

Price- ₹5,430 INR 

4. World’s Best Dad Tray

Go all out this Father’s Day with the “World’s Best Dad Tray” and show dad just how special he is. This keepsake tray contains 5 best-selling luxurious chocolates that Royce’ offers – “Nama Chocolate, Potato Chip Chocolate, Baton Cookies Hazel Cacao, Macadamia Chocolate, And Origin Chocolate”. If you are looking for the ultimate gift of indulgence for your dad, this is the one.

Price- ₹7,700 INR 

5. Dad likes it Dark Gift Box

The ultimate chocolate gift box for the dads that like their chocolate dark (or the dads that are diabetic but have a sweet-tooth). This signature “Red Gift Box” carries the velvety smooth “Nama Ghana Bitter Chocolate” and the 70% cocoa “Origin Chocolate”. You can add a personalised note for your dad, to make this gift even more special. 

Price- ₹3,065 INR

Select one of a kind chocolate from Royce' Chocolate 

Never compromise on quality while buying luxurious chocolates for the occasion of Father’s Day. Your dad deserves the best and when it comes to the best chocolates, there’s nothing that comes close to Royce’ Chocolate

We provide same-day delivery in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Pune, and Kolkata. We deliver to 12 cities across India and guarantee a melt-free delivery. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate chocolate gift hamper for Father’s Day 2022, look no further than the Royce’ Father’s Day Gift Collection

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