Royal Celebration Box - Large

₹ 5,695 MRP

(Incl. Of All Taxes)

For those extravagant celebrations that deserve only the finest of indulgences.

Unbox grandeur with the “Royal Celebration Box” (large) with an assortment of 59 pieces of Royce’s bestselling chocolates including the rich and indulgent chocolate covered almonds.

Coffee Chocolate (8 pcs), Aroma Chocolate (8 pcs), Pure Chocolate (15 pcs), Chocolate Wafers (4 pcs), Prafeuille Chocolate (10 pcs), Origin Chocolate (5 pcs), Nutty Bar Chocolate (3 pcs), Potechi Chocolate (5 pcs), Amande Chocolat (1 box).

Box Dimensions: 16.14" x 11.61" x 3.93"

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