Chrome Celebration Box - Large

₹ 3,995 MRP

(Incl. Of All Taxes)

With hues of amber, illuminated with rays of gold the “Chrome Celebration Box” (large) adds a touch of elegance to every celebration. Perfect for any gifting occasion, this gift box contains an assortment of 45 individually wrapped pieces of Royce's best-selling including the Macadamia Chocolate.

Coffee Chocolate (6 pcs), Aroma Chocolate (6 pcs), Pure Chocolate (10pcs), Chocolate Wafers (4 pcs), Prafeuille Chocolate (5 pcs), Origin Chocolate (5 pcs), Nutty Bar Chocolate (3 pcs), Potechi Chocolate (5 pcs), Macadamia Chocolate (1 pack).

Box Dimensions: 14.17" x 9.44" x 3.54"

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