There's no news like the arrival of a baby.  The birth of your baby is one of those precious moments that need to be announced and celebrated. When deciding on how to announce the arrival of your baby, going all out is often the general trend, along with making the announcement memorable. For a little twist on tradition, luxurious ROYCE' Chocolate can help make the difference.

Choose from an exclusive range of baby announcement gifts & gift boxes which can be personalised according to your needs. Be it a baby girl or a baby boy, ROYCE' Chocolate gift collection helps celebrate this precious moment and help you share this exciting news with your family, friends and loved ones.  

Our Baby Birth Announcement Collection

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Perfect Baby Girl Announcement Chocolates

  • Strawberry Cream Chocolate Wafers
  • Nutty and Berry Chocolate
  • Prafeuille Berry Cube
  • Potechi Crunch Chocolate
  • Rosette Gift Box


Perfect Baby Boy Announcement Chocolates

  • Chocolate Wafers Hazel Cream
  • Nutty Bar Chocolate
  • Popcorn Chocolate
  • Macadamia Chocolate
  • Royal Gift Box

Why Choose ROYCE' for Baby Birth Announcement Gifts

Exquisite Chocolates

ROYCE' chocolates are unique, exclusive and indulgent. Just like the news of your new baby.

Twist on Tradition

Deliver the good news with a slight twist on tradition by replacing traditional 'mithai' with ROYCE' decadent chocolates.

Personalised Packaging

ROYCE' Chocolate packaging is highly customisable. Personalise it with the name and picture of the baby, a lovely message or any other detail to make it a truly unique gift.

Flavour Variety

ROYCE' Chocolate makes the taste buds dance with delight with its wide range of chocolates to choose from – sweet, bitter, milky or fruity and smooth, crunchy, gooey or nutty.

Delivery Across 6 Cities

Send ROYCE' chocolate gift boxes to share the good news with your friends and family who stay in different locations across cities.   

Do you have baby birth announcement ideas?  

Share it with us, and we can curate an experience for you that brilliantly replicates your emotions – a chocolate baby announcement gift personalised to reflect your happiness and excitement.

Celebrate the arrival of your newborn with your loved ones with our fabulous range of baby birth announcement personalised chocolate gift boxes.

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