6 Heartwarming Valentine's Day Gifts Perfect for Chocolate Lovers

6 Heartwarming Valentine's Day Gifts Perfect for Chocolate Lovers

Valentine’s Day and chocolate fit like a pair of gloves. It is almost hard to imagine a Valentine’s Day celebration without some indulgent chocolate. Universally loved, timeless and irresistible, a box of chocolate makes for the best valentines gift to spoil your special someone.  

Chocolate never goes out of style or out of mind. Especially when it is made using the finest ingredients, crafted with care and packed with elegance. If you are on the lookout for the perfect Valentine’s day gift to surprise your chocolate lover, we have you covered with some unique valentine’s day ideas that will hit all the right notes.  

Take your pick from six indulgent and heartwarming Valentine’s Day gifts perfect for different kind of chocolate lovers: 

 For your nutty-chocolate lover: 

"Nuts About You" Gift Box By Royce chocolate India

The “Nuts About You” Gift Box is the perfect Valentine's Day Gift for your nutty chocolate lover. A box of Nutty Bar Chocolate - finger sized crunchy chocolate packed with four kinds of nuts, and Chocolate Bar Almond - a creamy chocolate bar loaded with whole roasted almonds, packed in the chic Red Bento Gift Box. Surprise your loved one with a Valentine's Day chocolate hamper filled with nutty goodness.  

For your quirky chocolate lover:  

Quirky Delight Gift Hamper valentine's day gift by ROYCE' Chocolate India

The "Quirky Delight" Gift Hamper is perfect for those who like things different! Featuring two of our very unique treats - Potatochip Chocolate - salty potato chips coated with chocolate and Popcorn Chocolate - salty, crunchy popcorn caramelised and coated with semi-sweet chocolate, this Gift Hamper is packed in the limited-edition ROYCE’ Valentine Gift Bag. Offbeat and delicious, this Valentine’s Day chocolate box is a great pick for your quirky lover. 

For your bitter-sweet chocolate lover:  

Bittersweet Love Gift Hamper by ROYCE' Chocolate India

They say opposites attract! Celebrate this Valentine's Day with this bitter-sweet symphony of dark and sweet chocolate with our ‘’Bittersweet Love’’ Gift Hamper. Featuring our Origin Chocolate - 70% Cacao dark chocolate collection that includes four variants with unique taste and aroma and our Pure Chocolate Caramel Milk - round discs of 42% cacao milk chocolate with notes of caramel. Packed in the limited-edition ROYCE' Valentine Gift Bag, this rich and indulgent hamper makes for a unique Valentine's Day gift for your better half.  

For your nutty-berry chocolate lover:  

Bettertogether valentine's day gift by ROYCE' Chocolate India

Indulge your nutty-berry chocolate lover with something special this Valentine’s Day. Gift them the "Better Together" Gift Hamper, featuring our newly arrived Macadamia Chocolate - savoury macadamia nuts coated with milk chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa powder and Blueberry Chocolate - fruity dried blueberries coated with blueberry flavoured chocolate. Elegantly packed in the limited-edition Valentine Gift Bag, this chocolate Gift Box is full of delight. 

For your dark chocolate lover:  

OPTIMIZE_BACKUP_PRODUCT_Better Be Dark Gift Box By Royce chocolate India

The perfect gift for those who love their chocolate dark! Surprise your sweetheart with the Better Be Dark Gift Box which comes with two of our most-loved dark chocolates. Packed in our signature Red Gift Box, this Valentine’s Day Gift Hamper features the Nama Ghana Bitter - a liquor-free bitter Nama Chocolate with an excellent aftertaste and Origin Chocolate - 70% Cacao dark chocolate collection that includes four variants with unique taste and aroma. Rich and indulgent, this chocolate box is sure to leave a lasting impression on your special someone. 

For your classic chocolate lover:  

You Had Me At NAMA Gift Box by Royce' India

Let your chocolate speak louder than words this Valentine’s Day. Proclaim your love with our "You Had Me At NAMA" Gift Box which features two variants of our signature melt-in-the-mouth Nama Chocolate, elegantly packed in a keepsake Red Gift Box. Decadent and indulgent, this Valentine’s Day Gift Hamper is a sweet treat for your classic chocolate lover. 

For your pistachio chocolate lover: 

Pista Perfect Gift Hamper Valentines day gift by ROYCE' Chocolate India 

Pamper your better half with some pistachio perfection this Valentine's Day! Indulge them with our "Pista Perfect" Gift Hamper which brings together two of our newly launched chocolates, Pistachio chocolate - whole pistachios coated with chocolate and Pistachio Crunch Chocolate - crushed pistachio, cookie crunch and almond puff mixed with pistachio paste and covered in chocolate. Packed in the limited-edition Valentine Gift Bag, this decadent chocolate Gift Hamper is filled with uniqueness. 

Elegant, indulgent and flavourful, these Valentine’s Day chocolate gifts are a thoughtful way to express your love and surprise your sweetheart. Filled with diverse textures and unique flavours, our carefully curated Valentines Day hampers are the perfect gift to make your special one feel extra special. Whether your better half enjoys extra-rich dark chocolate or a chocolate treat full of nuts or something entirely quirky and out of the box, our Valentine’s day gift collection has something refreshing and delightful to choose from. Want to make your box of chocolates for valentine's day more personal? Add a heartfelt note and take your Valentines Day surprise a notch higher with ROYCE’. 

Made using the choicest ingredients, our unique chocolate makes for the best valentine's day gift for all chocolate lovers out there. It does not get any more special and extravagant than this! 



Is Chocolate a Good Valentine's Day Gift?

One classic treat that stands out as a worldwide symbol of indulgence and love among Valentine's Day gifts is chocolate. Chocolate is universally loved, is timeless and irresistible making it the best Valentine's gift to spoil your special someone with.

Chocolate never goes out of style or out of mind. Especially when it is made using the finest ingredients, crafted with care, and packed with elegance. Giving a Valentine's chocolate gift is the perfect way to the heart of all chocolate lovers.

Picking Valentine's special chocolate for your beloved can be tailored to suit their personal preference and taste. ROYCE' Chocolate offers an extensive variety of chocolate and confectionery that ranges from rich dark chocolate to creamy milk chocolate. ROYCE’ also offers a range of unique and one-of-a-kind sweet and salty chocolate treats.
Presenting a box of carefully selected best Valentine's chocolates to your special someone is a sign of love and appreciation.

 How to Make Chocolate Day Surprising

Creating a memorable and surprising Chocolate Day for your loved one involves thoughtful planning and a touch of creativity. Here are some ideas to make the day extra special:

1. Personalized Chocolate Gifts: Personalized Valentine's chocolate gifts goes beyond the conventional heart-shaped boxes. Consider customizing chocolates gift boxes with your partner's name, a special message, or significant dates foiled on the elegant gift box. It adds a personal touch that shows you went the extra mile.

2. Chocolate Tasting Experience: Make Chocolate Day memorable with a Chocolate Taste Experience. Drop by any of the ROYCE’ stores to explore a range of fine chocolates with a variety of aroma, flavour and texture. Together, make a tasting session a fun and indulgent experience.

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