ROYCE’ Chocolate for Extreme Chocolate Lovers

ROYCE’ Chocolate for Extreme Chocolate Lovers

True chocolate lovers have secrets – “dark, deep and milk” chocolate secrets!
If you are a refined chocolate lover, these 13 undeniably incredible treats by

ROYCE’ Chocolate are meant for you:

Ghana Bitter

Our Nama Chocolate – Ghana Bitter contains liquor-free soft blocks of dark chocolate with an excellent acid-bitter taste that simply melts in your mouth.

Ecuador Sweet

This Nama Chocolate is refined liquor-free chocolate crafted with carefully selected cacao beans from Ecuador. The delicate floral aroma of the Ecuadorian cacao fruit is beautifully blended with sweet chocolate and generously complemented with fresh Hokkaido cream.

Mild Cacao

Nama Mild Cacao is a soft ganache milk chocolate. The richness of fresh Hokkaido cream and the original outstanding flavour of cocoa, beautifully melt together to fill your mouth with an exquisitely balanced flavour.

Mild White

Nama Mild White is a treat to the senses. Its gentle taste has a deep rich body of Hokkaido cream and a mellow, caramel-like scent that lingers on in your mouth for long.

Caramel Milk

Delicious mild milk chocolate in its purest form made with fresh Hokkaido milk.

Colombia Milk

This flavourful milk chocolate is made with 51% Colombian cacao. This pure chocolate highlights the rich sweetness and the distinct spicy flavour of Columbian cacao beans

Colombian Bitter

This pure chocolate is made with 60% Colombian cacao beans. It has the fruity tartness, spicy flavour and refreshing taste.

Creamy Milk and White

Creamy Milk and White is a delicious blend of milder milk chocolates and white chocolates made with fresh milk.

Pure Chocolate Extra Bitter

Extra Bitter Pure Chocolate has 90% cacao. It has a floral and light fruity aroma with a sharp, bitter taste.

Pure Chocolate Sweet & Milk

Pure Chocolate Sweet & Milk is a set of two flavours: semi-sweet and classic milk chocolates. ‘Sweet’ is a blend of 55% cacao and creamy milk, and ‘Milk’ contains 43% cacao and creamy milk.

Venezuela Bitter & Ghana Sweet

Venezuela Bitter & Ghana Sweet is a set of two flavours: bitterness and semi-sweetness. Venezuela Bitter contains 68% cacao, while Ghana Sweet blends with 59% cacao.

Origin Chocolate

This is a selection of chocolate variants, each with a unique flavour. The beans are sourced from four different countries: Ecuador (sweet and floral), Vietnam (striking bitterness), Madagascar (sweet and sour), and Venezuela (nutty and earthy).

Aroma Chocolate

This is an assortment of 32 pieces of indulgent chocolate sourced from six countries in the world known for some of the rarest and most complex cacao flavour profiles: Ghana, Venezuela, Ecuador, Madagascar, Trinidad, and Ivory Coast. 

At ROYCE’, we believe that there is a chocolate for every indulgent occasion. Our collection of 13 finest chocolates, crafted to satisfy even the most hardcore chocolate lovers can make for the ultimate chocolate gifting hamper for any chocolate lover.

For luxury chocolate gifting experience or an irresistible chocolate indulgence, ROYCE’ Chocolate is your best bet for luxury chocolates.

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