Irresistible Gratification: 5 Ultimate Chocolate Hampers

Chocolate is often associated with happiness, pleasure, joy, indulgence, and celebration. Timeless, universally loved and forever in style, chocolate is one gift option that will never fail you, no matter the occasion. Chocolate gift boxes and gift hampers are always a safe pick when looking to surprise anyone - from family and friends to colleagues and business partners. Chocolate hampers are a great way to ring in celebrations and bring smiles. 

Unique, delightful, and luxurious, our chocolate gift boxes and basket hampers make for the ultimate indulgence. Made with diverse flavours and distinct textures, our chocolate is the epitome of extravagance. Elegantly packed and filled with surprises, our chocolate gift boxes are the perfect choice to spoil your loved ones with something exquisite. From birthdays to anniversaries to corporate events and beyond, our chocolate gift box and basket hampers are thoughtfully curated to reflect our attention to detail, and quality and to express your love. 

At Royce’, we understand the art of gifting. Therefore, we make sure that our wide collection of chocolate gift boxes can fit different occasions, suit different budgets, and charm diverse taste buds.

Whether you are looking for Valentine’s gift hampers for women, Father’s Day gift hampers for men, or birthday gift hampers for someone special, we have you covered with the best! 

Discover Our Top 5 Chocolate Hampers 

Elegant, decadent, and delightful, meet some of our most sought-after gift hampers and chocolate gift boxes that are always winning hearts for good reasons:

ROYCE’ Celebration Basket | Chocolate Gift Basket: ROYCE’ Chocolate India
  • The ROYCE' Celebration Basket 
  • The ROYCE' Celebration Basket comes packed with six bestsellers from our collection. Experience the decadence of our signature one-of-a-kind Nama Chocolate that has a melt-in-the-mouth feel. Our quirky Potatochip Chocolate brings forth an eye-opening combination of sweet and salty goodness. The Petite Truffe Praline Chocolate is a nutty chocolate truffle made using soft chocolate ganache, blended with almond and hazelnut cream, and coated with crushed almonds. The offbeat Popcorn Chocolate is a delightful treat of salty, crunchy popcorn caramelized and coated with semi-sweet chocolate. Our Pure Chocolate consists of 20 pieces of decadent chocolate discs. The Chocolate Wafers come sandwiched with hazelnut, strawberry, or tiramisu cream. This extravagant gift hamper comes packed in a luxurious brown leather basket.

    This gift basket is perfect for milestone birthdays, grand wedding celebrations, and Valentine’s Day gifting.


    NAMAzing Gift Box | Premium Chocolate Box: ROYCE’ Chocolate India
  • The “NAMAmazing” Gift Box
  • The “NAMAmazing” Gift Box from ROYCE' Chocolate packs in three variants of our signature, velvety-smooth NAMA Chocolate that melts in the mouth. You can pick your favourite variants from the Nama Ghana bitter, Nama Ecuador Sweet, Nama Mild Cacao, and Nama Mild White and indulge your family and friends in intensely brilliant notes of cacao and fresh cream. The “NAMAmazing” Gift box is elegantly designed in a vibrant red hue.

    This chocolate gift box is perfect for anniversaries, corporate gifting, festive celebrations, and birthday gift hampers.


    Bestseller Gift Bag | Chocolate Gift Basket: ROYCE’ Chocolate India
    • The “Bestseller” Gift Bag

      This bold and vibrant Sakura Gift Bag comes packed with some of our all-time favourites. From our signature melt-in-mouth NAMA Chocolate to our crispy and light Chocolate Wafers coated with chocolate and sandwiched with hazelnut, strawberry, or tiramisu cream, this gift hamper promises a burst of unique flavours. It also packs in our Petite Truffe Praline Chocolate with rich ganache and almond goodness or the Nutty Bar Chocolate which is loaded with four types of nuts. This chocolate gift hamper also packs in our decadent Pure Chocolate discs. 

      This gift hamper is perfect for Festive occasions, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, thank-you gifts, and wedding favours.


      Red Rosette Gift Box | Chocolate Gift Box: ROYCE’ Chocolate India
      • The ROYCE' “Red Rosette Gift Box”

        Elegant and delightful, this premium chocolate hamper is filled with 22 fine assorted chocolates from our diverse collection. This vibrant red chocolate gift box is packed with our rich and flavourful Pure Chocolate, Aroma Chocolate, Coffee Chocolate, Chocolate Wafers, and Prafeuille Chocolate. 

        This chocolate gift box is perfect for Corporate gifting, festive occasions, wedding favours, thank-you gifts, and birthday gift hampers. 

        Better Be Dark Gift Box | Dark Chocolate Gift Box: ROYCE’ Chocolate India
        • The “Better Be Dark” Gift Box 

          This timeless and indulgent chocolate gift box comes filled with two of our most-loved dark chocolates. Packed in our signature Red Gift Box, this gift hamper features 20 pieces of our rich and flavourful Origin Chocolate - 70% cacao, a selection of dark chocolate made with rare cacao beans sourced from four different countries. It also comes with a box of our velvety smooth, melt-in-the-mouth NAMA chocolate. 

          This chocolate gift box is perfect for Valentine’s Day gift hampers for women, Father’s Day gift hampers for men, wedding anniversary celebrations, birthday hampers, and Christmas celebrations.

          Pure Indulgence

          Luxuriously decadent, our bestselling chocolate hampers and chocolate gift boxes are a perfect choice to spoil your loved ones on any occasion - big or small. Elegantly packed and carefully delivered, our premium chocolate hampers are sure to help you stand out and elevate your gifting game!

          Get your hands on our indulgent and unique basket hampers and chocolate gift boxes and leave a lasting impression. 

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