A Journey Through Chocolate-Making: From Bean to Chocolate Bar

Quality, uniqueness and surprise lie at the core of what we do at ROYCE’. Our singular vision has been to craft the finest chocolate in the world, since our inception. The careful use of quality ingredients and traditional techniques blended with modern technology, helps us make luxury chocolates that stand out from the crowd. We pay close attention to every detail that goes into the making of our famous chocolate

But ever wondered what goes into the making of our premium chocolate? Right from the way we source our cacao beans to the way we make our chocolates, let us take you through the journey our luxury chocolate embarks on before it reaches you.

The Art of Chocolate Making

At ROYCE’, we have mastered the craft of making premium chocolate that spells ultimate luxury. This starts with the use of fresh and locally-grown ingredients combined with traditional chocolate-making techniques and modern technology. But what truly sets our famous chocolate apart is our rich and aromatic cacao. This hero ingredient is what lends that robust flavour and rich after-taste to our premium chocolate.

The Cacao Origin Story 

Cacao is derived from cacao pods. Classified as a fruit, the flower and fruit grow directly on the trunk and the branch of the tree. The cacao pod is filled with a sweet, sticky pulp that holds the cacao beans. The beans are extracted, fermented, dried and roasted to produce chocolate.

Our cacao is sourced from the finest cacao-growing regions across the globe. Centred around the tropical regions around the equator, which help cacao trees thrive – from Ecuador to Ghana, Venezuela to Colombia, Vietnam to Madagascar, Ivory Coast to Trinidad and more, our cacao-beans are produced in environmentally rich areas and  favourable climatic conditions. 

The Cacao Process - Harvesting, Fermentation, Drying & Roasting

Harvest time includes picking cacao pods, splitting them open and extracting cacao beans smoothly from the pods. The local teams at the cacao farms work together like a super army during peak season. When in action, their movements are fast yet meticulous and precise, coordinated like a well-choreographed performance. Within minutes, jute bags are filled with fresh cacao that are ready for the next process - fermentation.

The process of cacao fermentation is a very important step in developing the rich chocolate flavour and aroma. Jute bags full of fresh cacao beans are emptied into tall wooden crates. The beans are left to endure natural heat and humidity for seven days. Over this period, the beans become plump and full of moisture and the juicy white pulp in the heart of the pod begins to ferment. This is when the magic happens! Our team ensures every step is carried out with absolute precision because the fermentation process lays a strong foundation for the robustness of our luxury chocolates

Once the beans are fermented, they are laid out in the sun to dry for a few days until they reach the ideal moisture content. After the cacao beans have dried up favourably, they are roasted to the desired robustness level needed to make different intensities of chocolate - from light to dark and everything in between. Roasting helps bring about the richness of flavour in the cacao and also keeps harmful bacteria at bay. 

From Bean to Chocolate Bar 

After the cacao beans have been roasted to bring out their true potential and aroma, they are carefully ground to separate the outer shell from the cacao nibs (the insides of the beans). These fine cacao nibs are then used in making our luxury chocolate. From irresistible dark chocolate bars to other premium chocolate treats, these mindfully sourced and produced cacao beans lend our famous chocolate its rich, indulgent and irresistible taste.

The Finishing Touches

Whether it’s our cacao farms in Colombia or our factory in Japan, our teams ensure exceptional hygiene every step of the way. The final stage of sealing the chocolate with love in elegantly designed packaging takes our famous chocolate up a notch. Ready to be savoured and enjoyed with every bite, our premium chocolate is handled with the utmost care from start to end. 

Experience The Goodness

Rich, indulgent and exquisite, our luxury chocolates reflect our love for precision, simplicity and quality. From bean to chocolate bar, a lot of love and care goes into the making of our imported chocolates. Balancing distinct flavours and unique textures, these premium chocolates are rooted in authenticity. Whether you are looking to treat yourself to something indulgent or surprise a loved one with imported chocolates, ROYCE’ has the widest collection of the best chocolates in India. Take your pick and buy chocolates online with ease from our diverse assortment of premium chocolates. Revel in the goodness and indulge your taste buds with our famous chocolate - from timeless chocolate bars to gourmet chocolate delights, we have something for everyone.

Trust us - there is no going back once you have experienced the extravagance of our luxury chocolates

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