5 Unique Chocolate Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

As the end-of-year holidays approach, finding the ideal gift becomes an annual commitment. This year, why not up your gift-giving game with the rich, smooth deliciousness of ROYCE' chocolate? Known for our commitment to quality, ROYCE' Chocolate offers a delicious selection of unique chocolate gifts that will delight your taste buds and warm the hearts of your loved ones.

In a world where ordinary gifts abound, ROYCE' Chocolate features a symphony of flavors and textures that transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Whether you're shopping for a chocolate lover, a treat connoisseur, or a foodie, these five unique chocolate gifts promise to add an extra level of joy and fun to the holiday season.

Nama Chocolate

Velvety-smooth, rich and decadent, Nama translates to ‘fresh’ in Japanese. Officially labelled as ‘fresh chocolate’, it surpasses the standard requirements for fresh cream and moisture content in a chocolate - over 10% of its total weight. The generous use of fresh Hokkaido cream and perfect balance of cacao and milk chocolate, give our best-selling Nama its uniquely soft texture and melt-in-the-mouth feel. Available in diverse variants, this ganache leaves an excellent aftertaste and makes for an indulgent chocolate gift.

Nutty & Berry Chocolate

A delightful collection of savoury nuts and fruity berries coated with indulgent chocolate, our nut and berry chocolates are full of surprise. Made using fresh milk chocolate and the finest nuts sourced from different regions across the globe, these indulgent chocolates promise unique flavors and distinct textures with every bite. From fine California-grown pistachios to perfectly roasted almonds and more, this versatile collection has something for everyone. Rich, decadent and luxurious - it’s hard to stop at just one.

Potatochip & Popcorn

Our Potatochip and Popcorn Chocolates are a one-of-a-kind combination of sweet and savory flavors blended with distinct textures. From the eye-opening combination of crispy salted potato chips coated with milk chocolate on one side to the crunchy chocolate covered popcorn, this unique collection packs an element of surprise with every variant. Made in Japan with perfectly balanced sweet and salty notes, these gourmet treats bring the best of both worlds to delight your taste buds. A truly indulgent pick for snacking anytime of the day.

Chocolate wafers

Chocolate coated cubes with layers of crispy wafers sandwiched with delicately flavored cream - our Chocolate Wafer Collection is truly one-of-its-kind. Combining soft and crunchy textures with decadent flavors of hazelnut, strawberry and tiramisu, our premium chocolate wafer assortment has something for everyone. Creamy and crispy, these delightful cube-sized wafers are carefully layered with the finest ingredients and coated with our signature chocolate to make for a well-balanced and uniquely flavored treat. Light yet indulgent, our Chocolate Wafers are perfect for relishing as a tea-time snack or surprising your loved ones.

Baton Cookies

Thin. Light. Crispy. Our Baton Cookie Collection combines unique textures and rich flavors that are baked to near golden-perfection. From a cacao and hazelnut-rich cookie to a mildly coconut flavored one, this special range is available in two decadent variants. Our best-selling Baton Cookies are crunchy on one side and come coated with smooth milk chocolate on the other side to create a perfect balance of distinct textures. Aromatic and indulgent, these premium cookies make for a great tea-time snack

This holiday season, ROYCE' Chocolate invites you to share the joy of exceptional chocolate gifts. Whether you're expressing gratitude, celebrating with loved ones, or simply treating yourself, ROYCE' promises an unparalleled chocolate experience that transcends the ordinary. Embrace the magic of the season with the gift of indulgence, courtesy of ROYCE' Chocolate.

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